On any given Sunday
After years of playing Darts and pools in every possible hotel and drinking hole I could find the time came to do something more exciting . Because I was commuting on a XR500R at that stage it only made sense to also use the bike to do races .  We first just raced around open fields in Alberton and surrounding areas . Then we discover Back of the Moon . This was one of the best Moto-Cross tracks in SA at that stage and they had races at least once a month . Those years everybody raced with four stroke bikes that weighed 200kg , Body armour was unheard of and styling your bike while flying through the air even more so . Unfortunately going down the main drag in Sunnyside Pretoria on my way to work  , I practiced popping a wheelie and rear-ended a taxi .  A few weeks in hospital and when I got out my bike was gone . Only people with money could afford insurance and that was the end of my dirt bike career , but the need for speed stayed .
Burning Rubber
For a few years I went back to pool and darts and in 1985 I was given the opportunity to be a passenger on a banger racing car . A banger (stampkar) was reinforced with any piece of steel bar or pipe you could find lying around . Although normally fairly strong it was/is not a very safe sport . It was such an awesome experience that I bought my first "racing car "that same evening after the race . The 1965 Ford Anglia I bought for R500 was still road legal and running .  I decided to rather build a modified racing car that will hopefully last me a few years than a banger that will last you half a season . Me and my heavy , neither of us mechanics or panel beaters , started to build a racing car .  Did not take us long to finish the car and because of money we kept the 1300 motor in the car and entered the 1300 stock series . Car was painted with a very nice PVA that we found lying around and sign writing was undertaken by myself . It was a magnificent piece of machinery and the time has come to let it loose on the race track . I have never been on a race track as a driver but entered a race anyway . No better place to learn with 30 other cars around you on a 300meter oval track . When I pulled into my assigned pit area I already had 4 supporters standing there waiting for me . I did know anyone of them but they offered me beer and became friends by default . Later the one gentlemen became my pit mechanic and another my spray painter .  Thing was so uncomplicated those years . You leave your car on the trailer , they come and scrutiniser it , if it had four wheels it would pass and you go and get your entry sorted . One of my new fans came over to give me some advice as they have learned by now that this will be my first race and I am not really a international world champ of some sorts . Stay away from the tire barrier he warned me , grab the inside lane and stay there . I thought to myself , what the hell dude , you cannot pass on the inside !!! That was really stupid advice . Anyway I forgot about that soon enough and after some marshal stuck a huge green sticker on my door to show everybody in the world that I am a rookie , I got on the track at the back of the field . It was a rolling start and I had the outside lane next to Mini . When the flag dropped I was already pushing into 3rd gear . The very first corner I touched the tire wall and the car went belly up . By the time the tow-truck got me and the car back to the pits I only had two supporters left ! That was my introduction to dirt oval track racing and I loved it so much I continued for another 15 years . But after a big accident at the National championships in Bloemfontein I decided to call it a day and do something saver and cleaner . I became a fisherman .